What is Facework India? 

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Facework is a unique employability skills training programme.


It helps young Indians acquire the necessary soft skills, character strengths and mindset needed for the changing world of work.

Facework offers a practical and easily-applied set of tools and activities which help young people recognise the vital importance of soft skills at work. By identifying what employers need, we help young people grasp the importance of personal growth to success in their long-term career.




   Facework helps learners to 
  • Understand the importance of soft skills

  • Embrace a growth mindset

  • Develop their unique character strengths

  • Improve their emotional intelligence

  • Build their resilience and leadership qualities

Change is coming

The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution is transforming the way we work and creating an urgent need to better empower young people with the skills and character strengths they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Yet the dominant pedagogy and the adults who deliver it are woefully under-equipped. For example 93% of schools in India have no qualified careers professionals,* and only 14% of graduates leave India's universities job ready.** With the student population in India the largest in the world, this challenge is only going to grow.

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The challenge we face in helping young people 

There are a range of assumptions which Facework seeks to challenge.


Click on this document here to read more about how we seek to help young people address these underlying challenges in education and work. 

Teach once: Learn twice

To be able to respond to these challenges and help young people navigate these changes, we must re-imagine the relationship between teacher and learner. We must release young people to lead and become active agents of change so that they both develop their skills, but also reach and teach their peers through their networks. Facework uniquely gives young people a platform to create their own soft skills training content, a method of co-design which we believe has global potential.

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