The "I Can" module is geared towards improving the capacity of a person for enhanced "Employability Quotient".


The objective of this programme is improvement in STEPS with a measurable before-after employability quotient. The 25 challenges will be given here.


This can be delivered through 50 hours of interaction - group and individual activity.

Assignment will be 

  • 25 challenges to be taken  - See for example the Self Management and Team Work challenges which are online

  • 5 specific self-improvement assignments 

  • Coaching for improvement in one of the 25 aspects of STEPS

  • Classes will be every alternate days with assignment for alternate days.


Course Duration: 15 days

"What I love about the STEPS challenges is that they are based on real-life exercises are practical and fun. I would recommend them to other students, especially if you want to build your confidence." 
Facework Student - Delhi Workshop 

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