Self Management 

"Time Management requires self-discipline, self-mastery and self-control more than anything else.”

Brian Tracy 


Watch our video introduction to see how these resources will help you be better at Self Management. 



This worksheet is packed with helpful exercises and reflections on how to get better at time management, including screen time and sleep.

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Appearing Smart 

There's so much more to just dressing smartly for work, what if you have to wear a uniform, what if you don't have self confidence to appear smart ? Don't worry this worksheet will help.

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You need to be confident when you start a job, but how do you remain confident and be yourself as you progress through your career.  This worksheet will help you. 

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When we start work it is so important to learn how to control our emotions.  A boss may care for their staff, but they are not there as a social worker or counsellor. This worksheet will help you 

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Other Resources 

We've got lots of posters and worksheets which you can use in your classroom with students. - better still get your young people to create their own posters. 

Download selection here and here 

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